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Dominican Republic Group


The Dominican Republic offers multiple business and investment opportunities as a result of a variety of factors, such as its unique geographical location, current legal framework, economic stability, and infrastructure. Its location in the center of the Caribbean, allows it to access the North, South and Central American markets with relative ease, as well as to serve as a bridge between those markets and Europe to trade goods and services.

The country's legal system constitutes another incentive for investment. In the recent years the Dominican has experienced a continuous process of regulartory modernization, which has led to the adoption of a variety of measures aimed at opening and commercialliy integrating the economy into international markets. Having acknowledged that the Dominican maket depends on internationall economic intergation, the Dominican government has opted to create a solid legal foundation that allows for sustained economic stability and  growth as well as assures freedom and security to the economy's different participants when commercializing goods and services.

The Dominican Republic as a Latin American economy that has experienced the highest economic growth for three consecutive years wIth a 6.6% groWth rate in 2016, according to the Dominican Republic Central Bank's Preliminary Report on the Dominican economy. According to the report, the economic sectors that experienced the highest growth during this period were: Mining (26.5%), Financing Inter-mediation  (11%), Agriculture and Livestock (9.6%).

The inflation rate observed during the year 2016, measured by the variation of the CPI, was 1.7%, positioning it below the lower limit of the target established in the Monetary Program of 4.0%


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